Creative Mac-n-Cheese

I was never a big pasta person, so when I became more strict about eliminating gluten and dairy, it wasn’t such a big deal. Dairy wasn’t super challenging either–I didn’t do much cheese, and even stopping my Fage yogurt snacks wasn’t difficult.

So one day when I saw an ad for Daiya Dairy Free Gluten Free Cheesy Mac in a store circular, I was surprised that I was curious. Then by chance (it wasn’t on my list!) it caught my eye in the store one day, and I decided to try it. Making it reminded me a bit of the old Velveeta brand macaroni and cheese that I grew up with. Aside: my family wasn’t big on cooking. When my non-gluten/dairy-free partner approved, I knew it was a possibility for our pantry.

IMG_9534The next time I purchased it, I started playing with adding different ingredients, using the mac & cheese as a base. I *almost* didn’t do either of them, having second thoughts right before mixing them together, but they both came out great. And, it means one eats less pasta, more veggies and protein. Not to mention more servings to go around! Here are the two I’ve tested so far:

  1. 1/2 bag frozen peas and cooked shrimp (see photo)
  2. Two cans / jars tuna fish, steamed broccoli (small chunks), and ground pepper (eaten before photo could be taken)!

Do you add things to your mac and cheese, or are you a purist? 🙂 Have a different, more creative combo? I’d love to hear yours.


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