Just for today, do not worry…

Although I haven’t had my own Reiki session in awhile, this Reiki ideal came into my mind during my morning yoga practice. After skipping my practice yesterday I got back onto my mat this morning, despite a fitful night of sleep killing zombies (no joke). While I was practicing, my mind was racing.

In fact, I was moving my body to the music of a message I was mentally crafting. One to place on the Facebook group page for my 500 hour Yoga Therapy training, which I’d be resuming starting tomorrow for the next two weekends. A pre-apology, if you will, for all the things I would do or say that weren’t socially acceptable. While I’m super excited about learning the content, I’m not super excited about the stress the training will certainly bring–the sitting for hours on end in a stuffy, dark, wrong-temperatured room, having to deal with bringing my own food / water and worrying whether I have enough, missing out on the beautiful sunny weekend it’s supposed to be, missing a weekend with my partner (when all we’ve done lately is house and moving chores), trying to explain to people my new diagnosis and getting “the face” and the “I hope you feel better soon” kindness which, if it were a cold or flu instead of a chronic disease, might be useful, etc.

And then suddenly the insight: “Just for today, do not worry.” Right. Here I was, worrying about TOMORROW, today. I decided to become more present in my practice, and surprised myself by going moving into postures I hadn’t previously considered in the order I was now doing them. I was even able to hold some balances more strongly than before. Any time my worries came up again, so did the mantra: “Just for today, do not worry”.

I like this mantra mostly because of the “just for today” part. “Just for today” means I don’t have to do it forever. I just have to do it for today–and in fact, just in that very moment when the mantra surfaces in my mind again. Just for today, I have to be 100% gluten / dairy / egg free. Just for today I have to prioritize self-care and reduce my stress. Just for today, I have to ice the heck out of my spine. Just for one day, today.

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