The crash

Yesterday I blogged about eating 3 (really 4!) cups of Whole Foods’ dark chocolate gelato. What I had forgotten in my eagerness to have just-one-last-pile of dairy before I go 100% gluten and diary free, I’d forgotten about a little thing called SUGAR. So yes, a few hours after my little dairy binge, I found myself so heavy and tired on the sofa that I actually fell asleep hard, missing the end of game 7 between the Red Wings and the Tampa Bay Lightning! I slept fitfully (though truth be told it’s hard to tell whether that was anything abnormal) and literally couldn’t get out of bed this morning. My poor partner had to listen to the “bong” of my Zen alarm clock more times than probably anyone should ever have to. And of course, I woke hungry because I hadn’t eaten much good food for dinner.

How many times must we learn lessons we already know?

Happily, although I made eggs for him I didn’t want one, even on the “last day” (at least for 3 months). I tried one of Dr. Myers’ Everyday Breakfast Sausages with a big pile of mixed vegetables and some baked sweet potato that I had in the fridge. The sausage was OK, but I’m not sure it’s going to be a staple for me as it’s kind of greasy. I much prefer my smoked sockeye salmon with veggies. I packed up some Fage yogurt in his lunch and licked the spoon, trying to savor my last bit of yogurt and found that without all the fruit and GF granola on it, it didn’t actually do all that much for me either. I know I’ll be OK with food–I just need to find new staples that make me feel good (i.e. energized and satisfied) when I eat them. I hate hearing when people have to go on special diets and they don’t get pleasure from food anymore! I will not be one of them. In fact, I will be an example of how to discover new favorites!!

This morning I also discovered that one of my newly purchased supplements has gluten in it, and am trading it in for a gluten free version tomorrow. Gluten really is in everything, and I’m so glad I already had been buying some hand soaps that are GF for sensitive clients.

For some unknown reason my pain has been pretty manageable this week, and I’m not sure why. I’m still doing pretty well with my habit hopping, so maybe that’s part of it. Regardless, I hope the reduced-pain trend continues.


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