Helping stressed-out, busy professionals learn to sleep better.

Does this sound like you?

Businessman that needs better sleep

You experiment with sleep products that leave you feeling groggy, overly energized, & only work for a short time.

The important people in your life & at your workplace avoid you until you’ve had a few cups of coffee.

You power through your afternoons with snacks that are affecting your weight & self-esteem.

Your motivation is limited to vegging in front of the TV when you’d much rather be enjoying your hobbies.

Learn to sleep better from a sleep wellness expert who understands your busy life.
Hi, I’m Kali Patrick.

I spent over 20 years being a Type-A perfectionist & over-achiever working in Boston-area technology companies. The fast-paced, continuously changing corporate culture kept me stressed & awake.

I’ve slept in a hospital lab. I’ve tried the melatonins & the valerians. I know what it’s like to wake with your head feeling foggy or hurting, to sustain yourself on Diet Cokes or sugar, & then have your mind refuse to shut up when it’s time to sleep! I’ve struggled with wanting to exercise or be social, only to decide to “stay in” another evening.

Based on my training in therapeutic yoga, experience in wellness coaching, & years of personal experimentation, I devised an effective Sleep Wellness Coaching program that even busy, tired people can do. I’m committed to helping YOU end the cycle of sleepless nights.

What would it feel like if you could . . .

Release Your Sleep Substitutes

Stay alert consistently, without having to rely on caffeine or sugar.

Naturally Increase Your Productivity

Experience your busy days with natural energy & enthusiasm.

Be There for the People Who Need You

Be the patient, calm, & compassionate person you know you truly are.

Discover Energy for Your Own Self-Care

Have energy to walk with a friend, make that recipe for dinner, or clear the clutter from your dining room table.

What would consistent, high-quality sleep feel like?

“Kali Patrick once lived the 9-5 corporate life, working in fast-paced high-tech startups, & she knows first hand the kinds of stress that modern working life can dish out. She has a remarkable passion for comprehensive healing & personal transformation, & offers a broad palette of expertise. If you are seeking to make real changes in your life, this is the person to call.“ – Justin L

End the Bedtime Struggle Once & For All

No more lying in bed, over-analyzing & over-thinking: “Did my boss misunderstand that email?” “Should I refinance my mortgage?” & countless other mental sleep detours.

No more calculating “how many hours are left” before you have to get up.

Stop the mental chatter so you can fall & stay asleep easily.

Learn the tools & techniques you’ll practice for a lifetime of refreshing sleep & energy!

Sleep Wellness Coaching

If you’re ready to put an end to your sleepless nights in a way that’s:


Learn different, natural techniques proven to calm the mind & relax the body in preparation for sleep, or to provide energy when you need it most.


A comprehensive, holistic Sleep Assessment ensures each coaching program is customized for YOUR unique situation & lifestyle.


Identify & remove your “change blockers” so new habits form easily & continue working for a lifetime of refreshing sleep.

To sleep well is to live well. You deserve this!

Here’s what others have to say about working with me:

 I use the sleep techniques to this day!

Photo of Dr. Khanh
Dr. Khanh N.

The breathing exercise is very remarkable, it helps me to relax and sleep better.

Don O.

I fall asleep faster & wake up feeling refreshed.

Photographic representation of Chinell
Chinell W.

 Kali gave me several out-of-the-box techniques I could immediately do.

Photographic representation of Justin G
Justin G.

Not ready for coaching? Join Kali’s Sleep Academy!

A self-guided program to help you tame your anxious mind, so you can get the refreshing sleep you deserve.