Stop struggling. Start sleeping.

Hi, I’m Kali Patrick. I help busy people like you get consistently refreshing sleep, so you can focus wherever you work, be present & engaged with your family at home, and have energy left to pursue all your personal passions! Through sleep wellness coaching, you can permanently address the underlying causes of your insomnia and return sleep to its place as an easy, natural part of your life.


1-1 Sleep Wellness Coaching Program

If you’re tired and trying to figure out your sleep has become another full time job, I get it. Let’s do the work together, once, & solve this issue permanently.

Resources to Help You Sleep Better

Here you’ll find resources I wish had been available when I was struggling with sleep! Most are free & can jumpstart your own journey into health.

Sleep & Wellness Webinars

Maybe it was the yoga teaching that got me over public speaking? Now I adore it! Learn about my interactive, atypical talks & book me to present for your business or group.

I designed my signature 12-week sleep wellness coaching offering based on certifications in health, wellness, & sleep science coaching, yoga therapy training, & personal experience trying to heal from insomnia and burnout following a 20-year career working & managing in hi-tech companies. Read more about my journey.

Sleep Science Coach certification

“I am a mom of three, a type-A personality, and work full time. Over several years, I slowly slipped into having very bad insomnia. I was incredibly skeptical that one hour a week for 12 weeks would help me. I’m happy to say I was very wrong.  Kali empowered me and made me realize how capable I am of getting a good night’s sleep without completely changing everything about my life.” -S.L.

What would it feel like if you could:

Release Your Sleep Substitutes

Stay alert consistently, without having to rely on caffeine or sugar.

Naturally Improve Your Focus

Get more things done with less time & without the energy drain.

Be There for the People Who Need You

Be the calm & compassionate person you know you truly are.

Discover Energy for Your Own Self-Care

Have energy to walk with a friend, make that recipe for dinner, or clear the clutter from your dining room table.

“One day out of complete frustration & desperation from another horrendous insomnia cycle, I found Kali through a Google search. I had tried numerous natural alternatives, over the course of 30 years, only to be disappointed. Working with Kali was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned how to repurpose my strengths to make a difference not only with my sleep, but in other aspects of my life. Kali helped me prioritize my health & well-being without compromising my values–such as being there for others.” -D.B.

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Free Video Workshop

3 Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep

Discover & transform ways of thinking about your sleep that may be keeping you from sleeping well.


End Your Struggle with Sleep

My approach works even for people who’ve “tried everything” because it’s multi-faceted.

Using coaching techniques, we’ll discover & implement specific lifestyle tweaks you need to make to prioritize yourself & your sleep. If you’ve developed anxiety around nighttime awakenings, or self-sabotaging behaviors, we’ll address those too.

Simultaneously, I’ll align you with the best therapeutic yoga-based practices (movements, breathwork, meditations, etc.), to help support and rebalance your nervous system while building your stress resilience.

Together we’ll reclaim not only your sleep & energy, but also your enjoyment & enthusiasm for your life!

Ready to sleep?