Reduce stress, sleep better, live better.

Kali Patrick


Her unlikely blend of corporate & holistic training provide novel, yet practical wisdom on today’s sleep, energy, & stress challenges.  You won’t get the same worn-out, tired sleep advice here!

Kali is passionate about helping busy people like you navigate the delicate balance between high productivity & optimal health.

If you’re looking to fall & stay asleep more easily, restore your energy, increase your stress resilience, improve your mood, & get your life back–you’re in the right place! Kali’s committed to helping you end the cycle of sleepless nights.


1-1 Sleep Wellness Coaching

Tired of feeling exhausted & want to reclaim your energy? Kali’s 12-week coaching experience is for people ready to feel better, permanently.

Self-Guided Programs

Curious & motivated but not ready (or able) to make an investment in 1-1 coaching? Check out Kali’s latest sleep wellness resources to start you on your journey.

Corporate Wellness

Eager to help your people learn to sleep better, have more energy, & improve their stress resilience? Book Kali for a webinar or workshop.

What would it feel like if you could . . .

Release Your Sleep Substitutes

Stay alert consistently, without having to rely on caffeine or sugar.

Naturally Improve Your Focus

Get more things done with less time & without the energy drain.

Be There for the People Who Need You

Be the calm & compassionate person you know you truly are.

Discover Energy for Your Own Self-Care

Have energy to walk with a friend, make that recipe for dinner, or clear the clutter from your dining room table.

Kali Patrick once lived the 9-5 corporate life, working in fast-paced high-tech startups, & she knows first hand the kinds of stress that modern working life can dish out. She has a remarkable passion for comprehensive healing & personal transformation, & offers a broad palette of expertise. If you are seeking to make real changes in your life, this is the person to call.“ – Justin L

End Your Struggle with Sleep

No more lying in bed, over-analyzing & over-thinking: “did my boss misunderstand that email?”, “should I refinance my mortgage?”, & countless other mental sleep detours!

No more powering through another day only to crash hard in the evenings.

Get consistent, refreshing sleep & boundless energy to fuel your passions & accomplish everything your heart desires.

Free Video Workshop

3 Mindset Shifts Required to Reclaim Your Sleep

Discover & transform ways of thinking about your sleep that may be keeping you from sleeping well.

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