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office_workersExecutives, Managers, and HR Personnel:

You know the people who work for you and with you are your company’s greatest asset. What if these people were:

  • happier and more relaxed?
  • more creative and interested in exploring different solutions?
  • more aware and focused on what they were doing?
  • getting more oxygen to their brains?
  • more patient with one another, with customers, or with partners and vendors?
  • in less chronic pain? less stressed?
  • more alert and awake, throughout the entire work day?
  • more open to having different experiences?
  • more productive, more innovative?
  • more resilient, calm, and clear-headed in challenging situations?

How might that change your workplace? How might such changes in your employees change your company’s position in the marketplace?

What would it cost? | What can I do for your employees and your company? | What do I know about business? |

What would it cost?

That depends. Because I don’t offer cookie cutter fitness programs that are part of most benefit packages, we’ll have an introductory conversation where I’ll learn as much as I can about what it is you and your employees do, where and how your employees work, what their stressors are, where they’re hurting (body, mind, and/or spirit). And if you don’t know, I’ll help you find out! We’ll discuss your needs (business, budget, AND health-related) and outline some requirements for an innovative a wellness program. We’ll discuss goals to set and measure, time-frames in which to measure them, location, frequency, etc. Then, I’ll submit a proposal that will blend all that into a recommendation that will help your people function at their optimal physical, mental, and emotional levels. If that sounds like a plan, contact me and we’ll get to work.

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What can I do for your employees and your company?

Here are some examples for you to ponder, but don’t limit yourself in any way by this:

  • Research into top health and wellness concerns of employees, with presentation or report out
  • Weekly 45-60 minute yoga class (6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks)
  • Weekly 30-min in-person or virtually-led meditation session (Friday afternoons are ideal for this!)
  • One-time Lunch & Learn (45-60 mins) on a health-related topic like: getting a refreshing night’s sleep, reducing stress eating
  • One-time workshop on handling anxiety / depression naturally
  • 30-minute Eating Psychology Coaching sessions for employees (complete time block=2-4 hours, depending on sign ups)
  • 30-60 minute stress-relieving Reiki sessions (similar time block as previous)
  • Education about multiple meditation techniques to find the one that’s right (i.e. do-ale) for each person
  • One-time lunch & learn (45-60 mins) about breathing techniques to increase energy and/or reduce stress
  • How self-care practices can improve business conversations and interactions, including a talk entitled “Influence Your Body, Influence Others: Body Language for Leaders”
  • Your unique combination of these (or other activities) here!

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What do I know about business?

jen_headshotI worked in a fast-paced, high-tech corporate environment for 16 years. I know what it’s like to be in a cube or office, sitting (or standing) in front of a computer all day. I’ve also been a manager who sat in stressful, politically-charged meetings and one-on-one’s at all times of the day, including what might have been my lunch break (if I only had the time)! I know what it’s like to be double-booked all day and then still have work to do, and what it’s like to give large, important presentations that can make or break a career. As much as we might love our jobs, they can be a significant source of stress that takes its toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“No time” for self-care often leads to burn out. I’ve seen it happen, seen people leave, seen people fall ill. I’ve seen it impact the company’s bottom line. I was passionate about my work in the software industry, and I’m equally (if not more) passionate about health and wellness.

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