office_workersCorporate Programs

As a former high-tech manager who knows how challenging it can be to find time for health and self-care, I’m eager to work with you to design and implement an innovative wellness program that works for your business and provides measurable results.

Workshops & Talks

Need a speaker on a particular health topic such as stress reduction, emotional eating, improving sleep, natural remedies for anxiety / depression, learning to meditate, etc.? I love sharing what I know with others in an interactive and engaging way and have years of experience facilitating groups.

Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Ease your chronic pain, reduce your stress, improve your sleep, and heal your body while finding strength and flexibility you didn’t know you had.  I’ll work with you to design a short home practice and suggest small lifestyle changes to restore or maintain your health.

lunch_plateEating Psychology Coaching

Are you tired of dieting, doing unpleasant exercise, and not making the progress you’d like? Get off the weight loss roller-coaster: realize your nutrition and weight loss goals with an entirely different perspective. You’ll learn to reconnect and love your life in the process!

reiki_shaeReiki Sessions & Training

Reduce your stress and re-balance your energy through this Japanese healing technique. Release physical, mental, and emotional blockages and restore feelings of balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Or, be trained to administer Reiki to yourself and others (including animals).

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