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New Client?

I always start with an introductory conversation.

You’ll answer a few questions about your wellness goals, the life constraints you’re working with, and the techniques you’ve tried before. Together with our conversation, this will help me make recommendations on the best solution for you, which might be something I offer, or if I don’t think I’m the right person to help you, a program by a practitioner I trust who I think could best help you.

Returning Client?

As you know I’m relocating back to the Boston area; sign up for my newsletter below to see when my full-range of virtual offerings becomes available!

Groups, Organizations, Corporations: Learn More

IMPORTANT: A Journey Into Health is relocating during the months of May-June 2017 and will not be accepting any bookings during this time.

Whether yours is a small group, a medium-sized organization, or a large corporation, I’m available to lead both group classes (e.g. yoga or meditation) and give talks on health-related topics, such as insomnia, anxiety/depression, stress-induced eating, etc. Pricing will vary based on location, number of attendees, and frequency (i.e. one time is more expensive than a regular commitment). Yoga can be done outside (weather permitting). Health-related talks are often in “lunch-and-learn” format, so a conference room space would do just fine.

You can view my special “Work on Yoga” program options or contact me and we can customize a plan for your group or place of business.

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