In 1998 Kali added power yoga into her fitness routine to increase her flexibility, and started exploring meditation to offset the stress of her high-tech corporate job. It wasn’t until many years later–after several significant challenges and deep internal work–that she started to see more clearly what it meant to be healthy.

In addition to becoming a certified yoga instructor, she found energy healing and holistic nutrition: she’s also an Usui Reiki Master and an Eating Psychology Coach. In 2015 Kali advanced and focused her yoga studies on therapeutic applications–including chronic pain, anxiety/depression, and insomnia. She’s an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with a specialized 500-hour certification in Yoga Therapy.

Because of her background, Kali’s forte is working with busy, stressed-out professionals who don’t want to add another item on their “to do” list, but need to take back responsibility for their health. Kali is first and foremost a guide and a teacher in the more traditional sense–you won’t find her standing on her head or prescribing specific diets or drinks.

Kali thrives on helping people find their own “ah-ha” moments, as well as discover and own their authentic gifts.  She works with students and clients to discover easy-to-implement, strategic ways to improve how they eat, breathe, sleep, move, and think.

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